Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year!

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This update is a slight touch late, but it is still well meant. :)

As of 27 December, 2010, I've added a Canon 60D to my retinue of cameras. :D :D
I'll be shortly updating the blog to add that baby into the mix of what I have. Maybe I'll give it a makeover. The latter half of 2010 was really a mixed bunch for me. I do apologize for the neglect of the blog. I honestly do.
I hope to be able to post more and get more creative with my shots.
That's not a New Year's resolution--it's a promise.

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Jenni said...

And to you, too!!!!! I began the new year with a fresh step into 2011!!!

I quit my job on the 31st. Finally got myself out of that 1984 novel. Could either be the best thing I could have done a huge mistake. Haven't slept this well in three months! My heart rate has returned to normal for the first time since October! But what's life without risk? Happy New Year. :)